Rafael, 6 years.

SnugZ USA is made of craftsmen, masters and heroes. People with a passion for quality and a strong drive for excellence. People that are proving that it can be done here in America and it can be done well. We work tirelessly to deliver your high quantity orders without ever sacrificing on quality. With every screen, every fill, and every stitch we feel that pride of ownership that only comes after years of paying the price, the days … and nights of perfecting and then perfecting again, and finally the realization that we’ve quietly, steadfastly, set the benchmark of our craft.

SnugZ is proud to be handcrafted in America by American workers – and that’s what we’re made of. Let us prove that we can deliver on high quantity orders instead of waiting for your order produced overseas. We will showcase many ‘How It’s Made’ videos and employee spotlights from our talented team throughout the year. We look forward to serving you and making 2017 a year to remember.

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Congratulations July MVPs!

We have many prodigies in abundance here at SnugZ USA; however, one can understand the difficulty in obtaining the task to select only three to be in the limelight for their commitment and hard word. Nonetheless, to our surprise, every month the bar is set higher and higher. After meeting one-on-one with these outliers, it’s no surprise these select few rose out among the rest. Their tenacity and diligence at work is unmistakable and worth the recognition. As a result, we are proud to announce and share our stellar SnugZians who rise above the bar. July 2015 MVP’s are: Lori Holdener, Saul Alcala, and Valerie Pelca.

Lori Holdener: Credit Manager

Lori is a prime example of a SnugZian dedicated to the max. She has been with us now for 13 years and we’ve never witnessed anything less than a phenomenal effort from her. Lori consistently operates at 110% in her responsibilities every day, week after week. It’s no stranger for her to communicate across various departments (customer service, order entry, marketing, and many more) and they all vouch how respectful and pleasant she is in her communications. A hidden talent of Lori’s is she’s a marvelous cook. She spoils her team and surrounding others with her yummy pastries and come birthdays your diet is guaranteed to make an exception.

As the customer credit manager, she’s no stranger to experiencing heightened phone calls but that’s no problem for this seasoned vet. Lori is a skilled artisan when it comes to handling these type of calls and has a knack for making clients feel appreciated and attentive.  We’ve received countless feedback on how much customers enjoy working with her. Customers and co-workers alike describe her as someone who radiates good vibes, obtains a robust work ethic, and enjoyable to work with. We are fortunate to have her part of our team and this recognition is far overdue.

When Lori is away from work she enjoys being with her family. She comes from a family of five siblings and is the second youngest child. Reading is big hobby for this credit manager; some of her favorite genres are mystery, Stephen King novels, and leadership

Saul Alcala: Lanyard Night Crew Supervisor

We asked Saul’s supervisor to describe his work ethic here at SnugZ USA and this is what he had to say. “I compare Saul to the ninth inning pitcher in a baseball game—a closer. Saul is the person I repeatedly look to for the last of the day push to get jobs done. He is asked to perform under pressure and he encompasses the tenacity and composer to do so with ease.” That being said, Saul is our Mariano Rivera at SnugZ. He is skilled, smart, suave, and dependable.  Saul shows up to work with his mind in the game and hits the shop floor wasting no time.

A true leader, he leads by doing and is an example to his team. Without reluctance, Saul shares his work insight with those he works with to help improve and develop their knowledge in manufacturing. His bilingual skills are very handy and he is fluent in all process in his department. Every day he can encounter various curve balls but Saul manages to adjust at the plate and cracks any challenge. We thank and recognize Saul for his remarkable performance; his presence truly makes SnugZ a better place to work at.

Saul has been a part of our family for a decade now. Originally from Inglewood, California, Utah has grown on him and he now resides in West Valley City. When he’s away from work Saul enjoys spending time with his 3 children and wife—Christina. Some of his favorite hobbies are barbequing ribs and Carne Asada, going to the shooting range, and running. Just last month we had a Corporate 5k with our health insurance and Saul was one of the first to sign up.

Valerie Pelca: Labs Swing Shift Team Lead

Valerie (Val) is the current Team Lead of our swing shift crew in our Labs department and we’re very grateful to have her. She’s been an irreplaceable member of our team since her starting role. She’s willing to perform any and all tasks asked of her and with a small margin of error. Val is the last one standing from our initial swing shift crew and we value her dedication and persistence during our growth. It was recent that Val was promoted to the Team Lead position and her crew has performed incredibly under her leadership. Their output has been noticeable and with great remarks.

When I first met Val she was everything everyone told me she would be: approachable, calm, smart, amusing, and likable. She always has a smile on her face and perhaps one of the most optimistic individuals I have met. Her “it can’t be done” personality is blatant in her dealings.

Away from her responsibilities at work, Val and her fiancé, Manny, are proud parents of three boys. She couldn’t be happier; she enjoys taking them to outdoor events such as: camping, fishing, swimming, and really anything outdoors. In addition, they have more critters of their own; they own a Ball Python and Toy Poodle. She just surpassed her year mark with us two months ago and we look forward to the many more years together. Thanks for being a great example at work and at home Val.

Sources: Sports Illustrated – Mariano Rivera

June 2015 Most Valuable SnugZians

So you’ve found the one. The missing link to your dream team. After multiple resume scanning and countless interviews, you’re confident this new hire is both promising and a keeper! Anyone who’s part of the hiring process is familiar with the luxury of placing the right candidate for the position. So when you find that talent, the next challenge unfolds–keeping them!

Any employer knows this is easier said than done. Contributing writer, Ilya Pozin, wrote for Forbes Magazine naming a few tips to help retain top talent such as: aligning talent with goals, improve communication, reward your best people, and more.  Recognizing your All Stars can go a long way. Did you know a survey in 2013 revealed 88% of company wide employers have implemented some type of Recognition Employee program? That being said, we’d like to recognize our 2015 June SnugZians who have excelled in their position and bring substantial value to our organization on a daily basis. This month’s outliers are Servando Camacho, Cassie McBroom, and Lucy Marcelo.


Servando is one of our top CVC label machine operators, an instrument designed to label pens and balms of all sorts.  He’s an essential part of our workforce. Servando exemplifies our core value dedication, he is always willing to work overtime and adjusts his schedule to meet the needs of the team. We appreciate all that he does for us!  We look forward to having him as a part of the SnugZ family for years to come.

Outside of work, Servando is an avid sports fan—specifically soccer. He thoroughly enjoys playing the sport and roots for the renowned Futball Club Barcelona. When asked who his favorite player is, Servando has two: Lionel Messi and Javier Hernadez, better known among soccer fans as Chicharito.

Servando is approaching his 1.5 year mark at SnugZ USA.  He is from Rose Park, Utah and is the youngest of three children; he has two older sisters who are also SnugZians. A true family man, Servando’s favorite holiday is Christmas because his entire family gets together. Aside from family time, Servando is a big movie buff, his favorite sequence is the Fast and Furious series.



Cassie has been a member of the SnugZ Family for eight years now! She started in Customer Service and has touched various department responsibilities such as: Order Entry, Z collection, Trainer, and most recent–Order Support Supervisor. This past year, she has been a critical element in helping our outsourcing Order Entry become a success.  Cassie has taken the system and processes and is continually seeking methods to improve it; she streamlines communication and sees to it tasks are completed in a timely manner.  As a result of her dedication, we have seen our Order Entry errors decrease significantly this year and customer orders moving through our pipeline at an accelerated rate.

Cassie is not afraid to take charge. She is a great leader, teacher, and has been able to help many people throughout the company–not just in the Customer Service/Order Entry departments either.  She is dedicated to SnugZ USA and it shows in her work. Her ability to see the big picture has helped her team operate efficiently and makes it easier for everyone down the supply chain.  We are lucky to have Cassie as part of our family, and look forward to her future successes with us.

When she’s not exceling at work, Cassie owns a crazed passion for card making. She developed the skill for craft making from her mother who enjoys scrap booking. Cassie didn’t follow in her mom’s same desire but enjoys the quick replication of card making. Next, this foodie loves to cook, specifically breakfast food. Saturday mornings are common for Cassie to making breakfast or visit tasty breakfast eateries. When asked for her favorite diner, she recommends the Original Pancake House in Sugarhouse.

Cassie was raised in West Valley City and has two sisters, one older and younger. This middle child started her own family and has a beautiful 21-month old Lexi. Together they like to participate in weekend getaways with her family to timeshares in St. George, Park City, Midway, Utah. But her favorite of all is Oceanside, California.



Lucy has come a long way this past year in her role not only as a Supervisor, but a dedicated SnugZian. She has been instrumental to the growth and success at SnugZ USA.  Time and time again, Lucy has proven her enthusiasm to push her members with effective communication and building a strong core team. With that, Lucy is well recognized from her fellow teammates throughout the company and we’re privileged to have her on board. Thanks Lucy for all you do!

When she’s not helping out team members or working on orders, Lucy is the perhaps the biggest animal lover we know.  Her husband and her are parents to two Chi-Chons dogs (Bichon Frise and Chihuahua mix), Bobby and Chico, named after Lucy’s brothers. In addition, she has four fish that call her mom. She once rescued an injured pigeon off the streets and took her under her wing.

Lucy is approaching her four year tenure at SnugZ USA. She started in our shipping department, advanced to Quality Control, and was promoted to Assembly 1 Supervisor. One neat thing about Lucy is she doesn’t eat meat. A true vegetarian, she won’t even eat eggs because one day they were on their way to becoming baby chics she says. Furthermore, she’s addicted to chocolate. Sports and dancing keep Lucy alive. She loves Soccer and her favorite player is Cuauhtémoc Blanco; her favorite team is Club America. When it comes to two-stepping, she top three genres are Bachata, Salsa, and Banda!


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May 2015 MVP’s

May is a month packed with a number of events. College finals are wrapping up, graduates to-be are preparing for their big ceremony, don’t forget mom’s present for Mother’s Day, and one of the biggest vacation holidays of the year is approaching fast—Memorial Weekend. P.s. don’t forget the sunscreen.

Along with this action packed month, SnugZ USA would like to recognize May’s Most Valuable Players. We’ve receive feedback from our Managers and Supervisors on individuals who have demonstrated exceptional work and gone above and beyond their call of duty. This month we would like to award Sam Bairagee, Alex Ortiz, and Amanda Barlow as our 2015 May MVP’s.

 Administration – Sam Bairagee


In the short time that Sam has been with SnugZ, he has proven his value to the Marketing/Art Team and to the company with his outstanding work ethic, high attention to detail, and positive attitude. No matter how busy he is, he exemplifies our core values in all he does and treats his co-workers like his customers.

He is simultaneously juggling multiple individual projects all meanwhile managing  the virtual queue. We are very lucky to have Sam on our team and he makes SnugZ an even better place to work. #teamelevated

When he’s not working, Sam enjoys to go hiking and camping with his wife, Shannon. No kids yet for these lovebirds but they do claim to have an overweight cat that’s convinced it’s a dog. If he’s not out adventuring come weekends, Sam enjoys a little down time to simply relax. Turkey Day is this guy’s favorite holiday because “It’s an excuse to eat without being judged.” Spot on Sam. We asked Sam for any last words and he said, “Every time you stretch a font, somewhere, a designer cries!” 


Production – Alex Ortiz


Alex has been a SnugZian for over a year now and has implemented and displayed his hard work ethic. Just recently he was promoted to become the Team Lead in our Burn Screen department. Alex has stepped up as a leader these past couple of months while we experienced some employee turnover and his help did not go unrecognized. He is always willing to work overtime and pick up some additional projects to help make the department successful. Just in the past month, he has been reclaiming, stripping screens of excess paint which can be tedious work,  screens sometimes all shift and he never complains. Alex is a great asset to the team and supports everyone around him.

Alex lives in Salt Lake City now but he derives from four hours south in sunny St. George, Utah. There he attended Dixie High for four years and was involved in the ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program; he was a lieutenant  during his time with the group. Naturally, leadership and discipline come innate to Alex. He hopes to join the Air Force Academy in the future one day.  When he’s away from his work duties, he watches over his younger siblings. He recently took his younger brother to watch the new Avengers movie. In July of this year, Alex plans on traveling to Mexico to visit his youngest brother and treat him to a visit to Disneyland.

We’re very glad to call Alex a SnugZian and part of the team. Appreciate all you do Alex, we salute you. You’re team is excited for your leadership.


 Labs – Amanda Barlow

Amanda is a recent hire but her work ethic reflects that of a veteran. In her short time at SnugZ she has already proven herself to be incredible asset and it’s hard to notice her abnormal ability to easily pick up new skills. Since her inception with us, she has demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond her job responsibility and to meet any crazy request we send her direction.

She works overtime without any reluctance and capable of working odd hours whenever asked. Once again, her ability to quickly learn a new skill has helped her excel in every task presented upon her. She is an inspiration to those around her. We’re uber grateful for her positive attitude and hard work. She reflect every characteristic of a team player.

Amanda is originally from Colorado City, Colorado. She comes from a family of 10 children! Amanda is the sixth child and one of four daughters. She currently lives in South Jordan, Utah with her boyfriend. Her favorite dogs are Dachshunds. When she’s not at work she enjoys a good nap and has a deep passion for baking. Ginger cookies are her favorite. One unique hobby of Amanda’s is modeling. She always had a great admiration, delight, and connection with models and runways. Just last week she finished her first photo shoot.  Lastly, she’s looking forward to her summer vacation she has planned in August in San Diego, California.


Does your company offer Employee of the Month? Or some method of recognition? Whatever form it may be, some is better than none; especially after a great effort on the employee’s part. By displaying acknowledgment to your worker for their labors, you are:

  • Letting employees know that their work is valued and appreciated
  • Gives employees a sense of ownership and belonging in their place of work
  • Improves morale
  • Enhances loyalty
  • Helps build a supportive work environment
  • Increases employee motivation
  • Improves employee retention

Now there is much debate on how to correctly appreciate employees. An article in Inc. magazine talks about the importance of face time and individual recognition rather than public announcements. Whether you agree or not, this is a continuously debated topic in search for the correct methods. If you’re new to an employee of the month program, you can’t go wrong asking your subordinates, “How would you  like to be recognized?”



Heintz, N. (2009, September 1). Building a Culture of Employee Appreciation. Retrieved May 7, 2015, from

Introducing our new Executive Director of Quality Control—Justin Gukeisen


In February, SnugZ USA welcomed a new member to its Executive Team—Mr. Justin Gukeisen, Director of Quality Control (QC). Justin isn’t a successor to a former administrator, but rather he is the first Director of QC in SnugZ USA history.  With his addition, the new 2015 Executive Team is now comprised of 11 members.

No matter the industry, it’s vital for every firm to pursue innovation and remain competitive. As a result, the Director of QC position was created to dissect our existing business manufacturing process, identify bottlenecks and constraints, eliminate waste, and consistently improve them to help ensure the company’s long term success.

A little bit about Justin is he’s a local from Utah–born and raised. A family man at heart, Justin is married to his wife, Lana, and together they have three children and one on the way. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints religion, he has a calling in his ward’s bishopric and when he’s not attending to family, church or work responsibilities, Justin enjoys pick-up basketball games. Lastly, he’s hard to miss around the office, just look for Blue, Silver, and Black. This avid Detroit Lions fan proudly wears his team’s colors and must own the biggest Lions wardrobe collection of any fan in Utah.

He brings with him an extensive work history in manufacturing, robust education, and seasoned skill sets as a leader and manager. Justin was with his previous company, Spectra Symbol Corp., for 14 years and his last position was the Chief Operating Officer (COO). At Spectra, Justin held several positions such as:  Janitor, Printer, Supervisor, Sales Territory Manager, Operations Manager, and Director of Specialty Products before COO. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2011 from the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business and returned two years later to pursue and receive an Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Lastly, he encompasses experience in consulting nearly a dozen firms in the principles of Lean Manufacturing and process improvements.

Justin’s background helped him stand out among potential candidates but what truly helped him outshine others was his profound passion for the manufacturing industry. His gentle personality and commitment to help improve people and processes was a characteristic that struck a chord with decision makers. All of SnugZ’s executives have been hired from within, working years in the organization; however, Justin was recruited externally, an uncommon practice here. The prospective hopefuls were selected by referrals only—once again, attesting to his remarkable qualifications.


Naturally, Justin has wasted no time here at SnugZ USA and has hit the ground running from day one. During his training, he logged a keen ear to supervisors’ frustrations and constraints. He manages a team of 10 individuals and together they inspect all processing orders to ensure they are meeting customer specifications and are compliant with regulatory standards. Furthermore, Justin has been asked to facilitate a course in Lean Manufacturing in our SnugZ University program—an in-house training curriculum designed to offer developmental courses for all employees. Some of Justin’s goals are to help introduce and sustain all elements of Lean Manufacturing, empower all those he comes in contact with, and contribute to the executives’ vision for the company.

Justin has been an excellent fit for the SnugZ organization and culture thus far. Several of the manufacturing supervisors have approached leaders to express their excitement to begin working with him and his aspirations. It’s safe to say, we’re all ecstatic to move forward with his visionary leadership and targeted endeavors.

January ’15 MVPs

You can’t operate a great organization without great talent. And we have many winners here at SnugZ USA; each individual delivers their integral part in contributing value to our supply chain.  Their hard work, passion, and constant strive to learn has been instrumental in aiding our operations run effectively and efficiently.

As a result, we find it paramount to recognize and share their countless efforts. Each month, SnugZ USA publishes a newsletter which includes birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming calendar of events and activities, announcements, comics, informative articles, and MVPs. Each month three individuals are nominated by their peers for the MVP award and February 2015’s Most Valuable Players are: Erika Bazan, Ana Vallejo, and Danny Montiel.

Erika Bazan—Administration

Erika is one of our most focused individuals we know. She is not only dedicated to getting her work completed but seeks out solutions that will allow our company to be more efficient. Even when a road block is encountered, she finds a way to remain positive and never falters to find a solution—a terrific quality to obtain. She is a powerhouse of SnugZ product knowledge and is always willing to answer questions or to share new information with others members. Perhaps the best part about working with her is her natural ability to be more than just a co-worker but a friend and collaborative member of the team. This bright spirit is always willing to help with work or to offer her insight when someone is in need of support. We’re uber happy  Erika was nominated by her peers and receiving this award because she embodies the SnugZ core values and demonstrates them in her everyday work and interaction. We are truly lucky to have her.




Ana Vallejo- Jig Loading


Ana has been a member of the SnugZ family since January 22, 2010! She is exceedingly dedicated to her tasks and all meanwhile performing them with notable quality ratings. She obtains a positive attitude and is dependable to stay after hours when jobs run late and need immediate attention. Her superiors are grateful to have her on the team and she is an amazing influence to her peers.



Danny Montiel—Hand Fill

Danny has been with us a short time but has already made a huge impact and impressed everyone he’s come in contact with. He’s proven himself worthy of a dependable team player. He accomplishes all tasks with quick execution. Danny was recently promoted to Assistant of the Hand Fill area and he is already thriving in his new position. We appreciate Danny’s contribution to our organization and look forward to the many more accomplishments he has to bring in the future. Keep up the great work Danny!


Thanks to these All-stars for putting in their hard work and we’re happy to recognize their efforts.

Introducing ZEN

January 1st, which marks the New Year, has many people set on healthy resolutions. From eating better to achieving fitness goals, improved health is certainly a positive change around the globe.

Current healthy trends include: juicing, wearable fitness technology, indoor fitness activities from cycling to cross fit and active wear being worn as every day wear. Healthcare brands are collaborating with well-known high end designers such as Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Kate Spade and more, making health and wellness a luxury market as well.

Wellness in the work place has also been on the rise. The US spends more than double the worldwide average on public health, making health and wellness a great investment for companies and their employees.

Through SnugZ USA’s new Zen collection, we utilize Essential Oil therapy by using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

Aromatherapy or Essential Oils engage our sense of smell to directly affect our mood. It can also have an immediate physical impact, such as improved breathing. Our environment has a profound effect on our state of mind, at any particular time, and aromatherapy is a tool we can use to positively impact our mood and create a much happier state of being.

Through our Zen collection we offer 8 brand new products in a variety of signature oils and blends:

  • 15 ml Essential Oil Dropper Bottle
  • Candle
  • Roller Ball
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Bombs
  • Soaps
  • Reed and Electric Diffusers

Here, at SnugZ USA, we believe in the overall wellness of our employees through the continuation of health committees and employee involvement. Creating our new line really excited us, as we pride ourselves on active lifestyles and overall well being.  We hope you enjoy getting to know the Zen line as much as we have!

What you should know about Corporate Gifting Trends!

According to a recent study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute on annual corporate gift giving, companies expressed that they had budgeted to spend about $43, per current or prospective customer, on products such as branded food gifts, wine bottles and desk accessories.

Besides giving gifts to customers, companies also plan on spending roughly $50 per employee, including gift cards, food/beverages, to apparel and cash bonuses.

In total, 6 in 10 companies plan on rewarding clients and employees this year.

“Everyone appreciates being remembered and recognized, which is why smart companies choose to recognize faithful customers during the holidays with a special gift that says, ‘Thank you for your business’,” says ASI CEO Timothy M. Andrews.

So what can we do to try and help corporate gifting trends this year?

  • Gift Sets
    • Here at SnugZ USA we offer a ton of gift options from our Nut Gift Set, featuring our yogurt covered pretzels and roasted almonds for those sweet and salty cravings. To our DIVAZ gift set which includes our signature shimmer sunscreen, lotion, and berry lip shine!
    • If you are feeling creative you can bundle our products and even create your own!
      Choose from our large assortment of packing options and you pick the fills!
  • Options at the right price point
    • With items starting under a dollar, it’s easy to show people you appreciate them even in the simplest of ways!

The main goal of gift giving is to show appreciation and to encourage relationship development. So help companies share the love this season!


Stats also acquired from the Nation Retail Federation, Yahoo and Splashscore.

For more information about ASI’s survey, contact Nate Kucsma, ASI’s market research director, at