Step to Your Own Beat with SoulKix

They're Yours. Make them that way. 

With SoulKix by SnugZ USA, you become the designer. Promo has just taken another huge step forward with the ability to create your own custom kix. In fact, it's an industry first. Because you are the designer, the shoes you ultimately design are yours and yours only. Pretty cool right?

3 Ways to Customize 

Before anything else you will choose the color of your SoulKix.  The material options are Black, White, and Black/White. Next up, how will you print your logo or artwork?  See below for inspiration on how to customize:

SoulKix Single Images

1) Single Images: If your choose this option your artwork is printed identically onto each shoe.

SoulKix Split-Screen

2) Split-Screen: On the second option your artwork will be printed across both shoes.


SoulKix Separate Images

3) Separate Images: Last, but not least, you can choose to have different pieces of artwork printed on each shoe.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Find your perfect fit for your Kix!


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