January ’15 MVPs

You can’t operate a great organization without great talent. And we have many winners here at SnugZ USA; each individual delivers their integral part in contributing value to our supply chain.  Their hard work, passion, and constant strive to learn has been instrumental in aiding our operations run effectively and efficiently.

As a result, we find it paramount to recognize and share their countless efforts. Each month, SnugZ USA publishes a newsletter which includes birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming calendar of events and activities, announcements, comics, informative articles, and MVPs. Each month three individuals are nominated by their peers for the MVP award and February 2015’s Most Valuable Players are: Erika Bazan, Ana Vallejo, and Danny Montiel.

Erika Bazan—Administration

Erika is one of our most focused individuals we know. She is not only dedicated to getting her work completed but seeks out solutions that will allow our company to be more efficient. Even when a road block is encountered, she finds a way to remain positive and never falters to find a solution—a terrific quality to obtain. She is a powerhouse of SnugZ product knowledge and is always willing to answer questions or to share new information with others members. Perhaps the best part about working with her is her natural ability to be more than just a co-worker but a friend and collaborative member of the team. This bright spirit is always willing to help with work or to offer her insight when someone is in need of support. We’re uber happy  Erika was nominated by her peers and receiving this award because she embodies the SnugZ core values and demonstrates them in her everyday work and interaction. We are truly lucky to have her.




Ana Vallejo- Jig Loading


Ana has been a member of the SnugZ family since January 22, 2010! She is exceedingly dedicated to her tasks and all meanwhile performing them with notable quality ratings. She obtains a positive attitude and is dependable to stay after hours when jobs run late and need immediate attention. Her superiors are grateful to have her on the team and she is an amazing influence to her peers.



Danny Montiel—Hand Fill

Danny has been with us a short time but has already made a huge impact and impressed everyone he’s come in contact with. He’s proven himself worthy of a dependable team player. He accomplishes all tasks with quick execution. Danny was recently promoted to Assistant of the Hand Fill area and he is already thriving in his new position. We appreciate Danny’s contribution to our organization and look forward to the many more accomplishments he has to bring in the future. Keep up the great work Danny!


Thanks to these All-stars for putting in their hard work and we’re happy to recognize their efforts.

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