How Full-Color Face Masks and Accessories Will Help You Express Your Brand

Since the dawn of time people have expressed themselves through their clothing and accessories. Cave people donned their best leather and fur. Queens proudly displayed their finest crown forged from the brightest gold and rarest of gems. Hippies were pretty groovy sporting their bell bottoms in the 70’s too. While sneaker heads patiently wait to order the latest pair of Air Jordan shoes that are dropping at midnight. You get the picture.

Fast forward to the fall of 2020 where we are now 7 months into a global pandemic and the face mask is THE hottest promo item in the Covid-era. They’re the permanent accessory our faces never knew they needed. People are starting to have standards about what kind of masks they wear. So what are the rules?

Rule number one: a mask needs to look good.

Rule number two: a mask needs to be effective and comfortable.

Follow those guidelines and you’ll be okay, but just in case here are a few tips on how full-color face masks and accessories will help you express your brand. Read on!

Show Your True Colors

Can one really have too many face masks? In our opinion, no way! Just like neckties, socks, hats and countless other wearables, you’ll need one for every occasion and some. If you didn’t already know, kids need A LOT of masks. A LOT. OF. MASKS. Be prepared for them to need a new one several times a day, especially going to and from school. Adults on the other hand won’t need quite as many, but will still want a variety to choose from, whether for a more professional look around the office or fun and casual to run errands around town.

Pro tip: keep two baskets around the house, one for contaminated masks and another for clean ones so the family can easily change out coverings.

Now let’s get back to the rules, a mask needs to look good or did you already forget? Your mask is a blank canvas to showcase what your brand is all about and the personality of your people. Show your true colors by choosing your brand design and getting it printed in full color from ear to ear. Not quite sure where to start? That’s completely okay! At SnugZ our world-class design team took care of the hard part for you and created a variety of adult and youth stock patterns. Fit any style with ease.

Titan Jr. Animation

Titan Jr. Dye-Sub Youth Face Mask

  • Make wearing a mask fun for kids during a pandemic
  • Super comfy and cool face masks
  • Kid-friendly sizes (small and medium)
  • Customize with your branding or one of our stock patterns
Dye-Sub Youth Mask Stock Patterns

Titan Dye-Sub Adult Face Mask

  • The people want stylish and comfortable PPE!
  • Gold standard of face masks
  • Cotton underlayer keeps skin cool and comfy
  • On-trend stock patterns
  • Size regular and extra large

Create a Cohesive Message

Don’t sleep on effectiveness and comfort when it comes to face masks. Since people are are wearing them for hours on end comfort is super important. While it may be okay to buy some promo items based on price, PPE absolutely shouldn’t be one of them. An inexpensive pen is one thing, but a protective device to help stop the spread of COVID is a completely different story.

Keep rule number two in mind: a mask needs to be effective and comfortable. Adults want stylish and comfortable PPE and the Titan is the gold standard. Not to mention parents will love the Titan Jr. which features 3-ply construction that keeps kids safe, comfortable, and cool while back at school.

Create a cohesive message while adding even more comfort with accessories like the Mask Keeper Pro, Mask Buddy Elite, or upgrade to one of our new PPE kits. Design a collection of items with your branding to create the perfect promo package to help keep people safe and healthy.

1/2″ Dye-Sub Mask Keeper Pro with Plastic Bulldog Clips

  • Ensure everyone has a mask handy when they need it
  • Dye-sub lanyard keeps masks around your neck so they don’t get lost in the shuffle
  • Bright full-color branding

Mask Buddy Elite 2″ Dye-Sub Head Band with Buttons

  • Crucial for healthcare and essential workers or anyone who wears a mask all day
  • Workers can stay safe without any ear pain
  • Print your logo and branding in bold full color

Back to the Office PPE Kit

  • Help employees feel comfortable physically showing up to work again
  • Ease everyone into the new normal with these essential items
  • Includes: Phoenix face mask, My Fake Finger, and US-made sanitizer

Markets to Target

Truth be told, as you probably already know, face masks are selling themselves. So that must mean that most face mask markets are tapped out right? Wrong. According to ASI’s 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study a staggering 61% of consumers report they don’t yet own a logoed mask. Pause, and read that last sentence again. Queue mind blown emoji. Translation: there is still a huge piece of the promotional face mask pie yet to be had. Here are the top markets to go after:

  1. Education – Everyone from administration to kids
  2. Online Grocery Pickup and Food Delivery
  3. Utilities – Electricity, gas, water, etc.
  4. Home Remodeling
  5. Technology Companies
  6. Finance – Banks, credit unions, lenders
  7. Going Back to the Office – Many businesses are bringing employees back to the office and it’s important to help them feel safe.

Shareable Marketing Materials

Comparing the Titan Jr. and Titan

Dye-Sub Youth Face Mask

Titan Jr.
  • Sizes: small (ages approx. 5-8) medium (ages approx. 9-12)
  • MOQ: 100
  • On-trend stock patterns
  • Elastic face mask straps (not adjustable)
  • 3-ply high quality mask made of 92% polyester / 8% spandex, 130gsm for both exterior and middle layers, and 100% cotton, 90gsm for the interior lining

Dye-Sub Adult Face Mask

  • Sizes: regular and extra large
  • MOQ: 100
  • Adjustable elastic face mask straps
  • Stock patterns designed by our world-class team
  • 3-ply high quality mask made of 92% polyester / 8% spandex, 130gsm for both exterior and middle layers, and 100% cotton, 90gsm for the interior lining

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