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Made in the USA

Did you know we are listed in the Top 7 Made-in-the-USA-Products list?  Well we are! According to Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), our lanyards and Knit bracelets

Lanyards Expert Brittany

Check out SnugZ USA's very own lanyard expert, Brittany David, as she talks to Walt Fales of Proforma Johnston & Associates about our cool new

SweetZ Video – Guard Them Well

Everyone is trying to get their hands on the treats from our new SweetZ line!

Top 10 Reasons why Lanyards are a Great Idea

I have a confession to make.  It’s not something I’m proud of at all.  When you’re a six-foot three-inch, manly man like me, it isn’t

SweetZ Success

My old roommate is a teacher at one of the nearby middle schools, and we lived together for 3 years. Every Christmas, we’d gather around

Do I have to drink water?

Yes! You DO have to drink water! Wellness programs are the hottest thing to hit the office since Choco Tacos were first stocked in the

Sanitizer Savers

I can’t even tell you how many times I have been somewhere, at a function, a work event, movie theater, restaurant, etc., and I have

Summer Sweetness & Sun Protection

Wow! It's really hot outside, so don’t skimp on the product needed to protect your lips from the hot summer sun! SnugZ USA’s  Jumbo Sunstick has