We Are Revealing a New Product Line

Do you know where your order is?

You: Picks up the phone to call the customer service line from a supplier that promised your order would be to you on time. That

What’s your reason for Giving?

Date Night Holiday Gift Set... A perfect gift for a quiet evening spent together. Glass apothecary jar candle and SweetZ filled glass apothecary jar wrapped

12 Places Bad Nasties (Germs) Hang Out

A Germ's Favorite Destination Think of every single place you visit or touch during the week: your place of work, the kids toys, two or


 Use No. 456380 - AKA. "Dino-Might"! Spotted in none other than the Atlanta, Georgiaback in 2002. Order your customized Lanyard here.

Steve? STEVE!

 #SnugZillion Use No. 456287 - AKA. "HoneyDo Camo". Order Lanyards Today: http://snugzusa.com/category/cotton/

#SnugZillion Uses

Billions of Lanyards. A #SnugZillion uses. Cord | Cotton | Dual Use | Dye-Sub | Eye Wear Retainer | More at SnugZUSA.com

2016 Gift Collection by SnugZ USA

What's in a moment? Moments. Mathemetically speaking, life is full of them. Most them being the day-to-day, 'do them without thinking about them' type of

SweetZ (Bad Day)

SweetZ is the name and candy's the game. Any day turns into a good day with SweetZ! Watch "Bad Day" now. #SweetZTooth Watch more video

SnugZ USA Top 40 Suppliers in 2016

SnugZ USA is proud to be named a Top 40 Supplier in 2016 from Counselor Magazine. We Care Passionately. Work Like Crazy. Think Big. Do