2016 Gift Collection by SnugZ USA

What’s in a moment?

Moments. Mathemetically speaking, life is full of them.

Most them being the day-to-day, ‘do them without thinking

about them’ type of time spent.  These are not those times.

These are THE MOMENTS.  Those precious few minutes

in life where you remember the tastes, the smells, the faces…

how you feel down to your goosbumps.

So take a moment.  Then go ahead and make some.

Go forth to revel, or revel again, commemorate, celebrate,

sprinkle some sparkle and bring on the Zing-Zang Pows

and the Oom-Bop Wows!


View our Holiday Collection Catalog here and also enter our Facebook contest to win a Gift here.


Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Summer Can Be Cruel

Summer, it’s pretty much the greatest thing invented since electricity, sliced bread and John Stamos. Good news: Mother Nature called and she’s ready to party.  It’s easy to forget about the inevitable and dreaded first burn! Our Sunscreen saves the day.  Summer can be cruel, don’t forget the Sunscreen.

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Zip-It: Next Day Shipping



“Zip-It” is SnugZ’s new next-day service program.  If you place your order before 2:00 pm EST, it ships the very next business day at no additional cost. Zip-It is available for our most popular items.


Look for the “Z” symbol next to the item number in the SnugZ Catalog or online at snugzusa.com to indicate which items are offered on the Zip-It Next-Day service program.



More than 50 new products and counting…

We've Been Busy



Do you remember the first order you ever made from SnugZ USA?  We bet you do!  Just like it was yesterday.

Make SnugZ your destination and check out all our new products here.  Here’s some great ideas to get you started:

  • Duo-Bottle
  • Zen Essential Oil
  • Sunscreen
  • Wax Warmer
  • New Linen Gift Bag
  • Tingle Lip Balm
  • SweetZ

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Make it a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Yes, it’s THAT time of year again.


You know how it’ll go, oh seasoned sales pro!

You are already started kicking your pre-New Year’s resolutions into over drive.


“In 2016, I resolve: to eat less pie, spend  at least one hour every morning on follow ups AND make sure that I am able to fulfill all orders by my clients deadlines!”.


You start fantasizing how great it will be to fit into those jeans you haven’t been able to wear for the last couple of years AND being that ultimate superstar in your clients eyes! How wonderful it will feel when you deliver that order BEFORE the deadline— Oh, the tears in your customer’s eyes of pure un-adulturated joy and appreciation. They hand you a pie, you… WAIT! no pie… um… scratch that… they complement you on your weight loss… yeah, thats right!


Then you send in that first order of the year, and what do you hear? “No… sorry orders will be held up a couple of weeks because overseas shipments are on hold because of Chinese New Year”. OK… Lets try another supplier, “No, sorry cannot fulfill until the 3rd week in Feb”.


“Whaaat! Nooooo!” you cry.. you head over to the fridge for some comforting pie.


We have a simple solution to keep you on track with all of your resolutions.


Make yourself aware of suppliers who produce their own products on North American soil. Also, which ones that you know have ample stock to handle larger orders during this time of year. Not only will you be sure to get orders fulfilled on time, but you will be well taken care of if you need of an emergency reorder, have questions about ingredients, and stress-free knowledge that IF there is a problem of any kind, there will be a quick fix! Plus, there is always the good karma* knowing that you are keeping jobs in North America!


You would be amazed at the great products that are made right here in America!  SnugZ USA has a fantastic selection of quality products from lanyards, personal care products, food items, and NEW unique line of essential oils, soaps, bath salts, candles and more! All of our products are made in a certified FDA Registered Facility. That provides an extra level of care for your valued customers—Would you want to bathe with or eat something that you didn’t know was made from quality ingredients or where it came from? Sure your clients wouldn’t want to either! So meet their demands and show the love!


So here’s wishing you and your waistline a HAPPY STRESS FREE NEW YEAR from your friends at team SnugZ! Contact us for more information and, hey, we just love hearing from you!


*Note: Karma has less calories than pie and just as satisfying.